Be On the Team Of World Leaders In Paramedical Skin Revision


Who Can Apply?

If you're a clinic, salon or spa owner, you can apply to become an authorised DMK stockist

To qualify to receive DMK Paramedical Skin Revision training, you must have completed training and passed the relevant examinations through a recognised training body or professional skin revision institute.

DMK Offerings:

  • Advanced Treatments For All Types of Acne
  • Superior Anti-Ageing Revision
  • World Leaders In Scar Revision
  • Highly Effective Solutions For All Skin Conditions
  • Hair Removal Treatment
  • Luxury Pedicures
  • Full Body Skin Revision Treatments

DMK Support

  • Full Training On All DMK Products and Skin Revision Protocols
  • Training Manuals and Notes
  • Technical Support
  • Newsletters, Product News etc
  • Promotional and Marketing Materials
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Why Choose DMK?

A Revolutionary Concept That Delivers Real Results

Advanced, Botanical Based Paramedical Products

Ingredient Blends That Match Your Skin's Own Chemistry

Unique, State-of-the-Art Professional Skin Revision

Designed To Replicate the Natural Functioning Of Your Skin

Over Forty Years Of Helping People

Used In Over 7000 Salons In 32 Countries Around the Globe

The Product Of Choice For Many Aestheticians

Widely Endorsed By the Medical Profession

Used by Doctors, Surgeons, Dermatologists, Aestheticians

A System Based On Science, Not Marketing Hype

First To Harness the Power Of Enzymes

A Perfect Partner For Surgery

Solutions For the Most Stubborn Skin Conditions

A Non-Invasive Alternative To Cosmetic Surgery

Highly Effective Alternatives To Botox or Laser

Ongoing Scientific Research and Development

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Danné Montague-King South Africa

DMK is THE ONE - World Leaders in Paramedical Skin Revision!