About the Work of Dr. Danné Montague-King


Dr. King is a botanical scientist and cosmetic chemist who spent over forty years researching and developing the Danné Method of Natural Pharmacology.

During his youth Dr King suffered from severe acne and was well aware of the torture and inner agony people go through when they know their appearance is not the one they would wish to present.

Dissatisfied with what he saw around him and knowing the results of conventional skin care were only temporary at best, he decided to research the phenomenon of acne, pigmentation, aging and the understanding of how the human body really works.

Dr. King was the first to recognize the powers of Vitamin-C back in the 1960’s as one of the most important collagen enhancing, antioxidants in the development of healthy skin. His research with Vitamin C therapy, both as free radical scavengers and a collagen enhancer, spans three over decades.

Dr. King was also one of the first few biochemists to recognize the power of enzymes and their ability to hydrate and tighten the skin

As a pioneer in the field of skin revision, Dr. King concentrated on developing procedures for the skin of the face and body, based on the use of properly balanced ingredients and the demands of the body’s cell structures.

Dr. King also recognizes the power of enzymes for effective skin revision and was the first to develop a skin rejuvenation system that understood the importance of offering skin cells a chemistry they recognize – an approach that has gained worldwide acclaim for its ability to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy.

A tireless educator, and sought after speaker world wide, Danné Montague-King has worked with many of the world’s premier physicians and surgeons to elevate the standards of skin therapy and draw the medical and aesthetic worlds closer together.

His many lectures and articles printed around the world have illuminated the minds of professional therapists everywhere and have led to great changes in the way that aestheticians look at the treatment of the skin and body. His abundance of research and knowledge has been well editorialized in numerous newspapers, magazines and journals worldwide.

DMK is now used in more than 32 countries around the world and is endorsed by the medical profession. In these countries there are over 7,000 clinics and salons that currently use the Danné system. Currently, more than a hundred thousand people have benefited from the revolutionary Danné treatments and home prescriptives.

The DMK Pioneering Projects

1960's Vitamin C Therapy for Collagen in the Human Skin

1970's Enzyme Therapy for Skin and Muscle Tightening

Transdermal Crème – A delivery system allowing skin cells to draw Acids and other proteins into living cells and thus maximizing the nutrients of the crème to create a healthy environment to keep living cells alive longer

Electromagnetic Therapy

DMK Skin Revision-Pro Alpha Removal System

1980's Glycosylation and Cross Linked Wrinkle Treatments and remodel of pigmentation with no bleaching

2000's Board member of the Facing Forward Foundation

Danné Montague-King does all the pre and post operative work for the foundation’s reconstructive surgery patients.

The foundation is headed by the world famous reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Henry Kawamoto.

Published Work

"The Maybelline Prince"

The Maybelline Prince...Founder of DMK TransGenesis International and Ambassador for Leadership in Human Rights with the Harvey Milk Foundation


Visit the website www.themaybellineprince.com Available in Hardcover, Softcover and Kindle from Amazon.com


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