The Natural Way To A Firmer Body and A Slimmer You!


Reshape Your Body - Tighten, Firm and Tone Your Body Without The Exercise!

DMK's amazing 12 week, in-salon BODY FIRMING PROGRAM is designed to reduce cellulite, unsightly puffy areas and sagging skin while encouraging weight-loss. The action of the treatment tightens the muscles to re-shape and sculpt your body giving your body a slimmer, firmer, toned look

How DMK's BODY FIRMING PROGRAM Works To Help You Lose Weight

This treatment can treat the whole body or on specific problem areas such as:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Upper Arms
  • Lower Limbs for Fluid Retention

The treatment causes a thermogenic or heat generating effect in the upper epidermis and lower fatty layer of the skin. The result of the thermogenic effect increases the blood circulation, flushing and strengthening the capillary network.

This action promotes a supply of essential nutrients and oxygen that helps to repair and strengthen the weakened connective tissue.

Together with improved lymph drainage, the treatment reduces fluid retention and oedema which manifests in a hardened orange peel effect.

This creates an inch loss which is measurable after the very first treatment. Continued treatments will result in additional inch loss and tighter, firmer body skin.

Here's What DMK's BODY FIRMING PROGRAM Will Do For Your Body

  • Firms, tightens and tones the skin of the body
  • Inch loss in specific bothersome areas to overweight or thin persons
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Increases circulation to promote the supply of healthy, oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin
  • Smoothes out dimpled, rippled areas of the skin

A Medically Proven BODY FIRMING PROGRAM That Really Works!

Most of our referral plastic surgeons are pleased with the post liposuction results of DMK's BODY FIRMING PROGRAM. The vacuum technique that actually sucks out the fat cushion under the skin's connective tissues during liposuction sometimes leaves the skin loose and sagging, which is why surgeons recommend wearing a light girdle or special garment for a few weeks following surgery.

DMK's BODY FIRMING PROGRAM has been proven to tighten and tone sagging skin following surgery. The thermogenic effect causes the skin to tone quickly and easily.

No more loose sagging skin or an out of shape body. Get the firmer, toned and sculpted body you've always wanted right now!

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Other DMK Body Treatments

DMK full body treatments are designed to treat any problem area of the body where an unwanted skin condition has manifested. The following body treatments are ideally suited to compliment the DMK BODY FIRMING PROGRAM.


Based on DMK's world acclaimed signature treatment, BODY ENZYME THERAPY will quickly restore the health and natural functioning of your skin allowing it to return to normal. It is designed to treat almost any skin condition of the body such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, pigmentation and much more.

BODY ENZYME THERAPY is one of the most advanced skin revision treatments of its kind in the world because it was designed to work with the skin in a way that replicates the skin's own natural functions and processes enabling it to heal faster and return to normal

To learn more about this amazing treatment for the whole body, visit the DMK BODY ENZYME THERAPY page on this website. Also visit the DMK ENZYME THERAPY page to learn what enzymes are and how enzyme therapy works



DMK's BODY SCULPTING program is body wrap treatment designed to revise cellulite and puffy areas of the skin. This treatment will also firm, reshape and re-sculpt the body.

The BODY SCULPTING treatment works by improving circulation and flushing out waste material and toxins from the body. The result is smoother, tighter skin without the dimpled effect and a more toned, contoured body.

Visit the DMK BODY SCULPTING TREATMENT page to learn more about this powerful program.


Your feet work very hard and take an enormous amount of strain every day. The feet are probably the most neglected parts of the body. It makes sense to give them a good pedicure every once in a while to get the skin feeling soft and smooth again.


Now you can get your baby feet back again without any invasive methods such as rasping, cutting or the use of harsh chemicals and acids. DMK's MEDI PEDI is the answer to corns, callouses, cracked heels and the ugly, yellow, hardened skin.

No body treatment is complete without DMK's MEDI PEDI foot treatment. For the perfect foot treatment, visit the DMK MEDI PEDI page and discover how you really can get your baby feet back.

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