DMK's Advanced Program For the Treatment of Acne


Clear the Way For Acne-Free Skin

When it comes to treating acne, DMK's advanced acne treatment method ensures that permanent, lasting results are achieved so that the condition won't return. The powerful HYDRADERMAZE treatment will ensure that you get the results you want and a smooth, clear, acne-free skin

What is a HYDRADERMAZE Treatment?

HYDRADERMAZE is an advanced skin resurfacing procedure that is specifically designed to clear acne and congested skin

This program is also designed for those who can't have a DMK PRO ALPHA SIX LAYER PEEL treatment but want accelerated results. It is an alternative resurfacing method that does not involve deep peeling of the skin.

HYDRADERMAZE is a weekly treatment protocol that is performed over a period of six, eight or twelve weeks depending on skin condition and the desired results.

HYDRADERMAZE Works For a Variety of Skin Conditions

  • Thick or crusty skin due to build-up
  • Premature Ageing, Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Skin Pigmentation Problems
  • Milia
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Uneven Skin Tone or Discolored Skin
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A Powerful Combination of DMK Products To Achieve Amazing Results

PROZYME will ingest dead cell material that is blocking the sebaceous glands and hair shafts of your skin

PRO ALPHA #1 penetrates deeply into your skin and draws water up to its surface, pulling the deep congestion and blockages of dead cell material to the surface.

ENZYME MASQUE #1 works on getting your skin kick-started again. The powerful effects of this enzyme masque will stimulate the production of new collagen, flush away harmful toxins and restore your skin's cellular integrity

DMK's HOME PRESCRIPTIVES will protect and maintain your skin's clear condition. The effects of DMK's unique transdermal infusion assists in achieving faster results and restores the natural balance and proper skin functioning

IMPORTANT: DMK Products are carefully and scientifically formulated to compliment each other and designed to work in a unique system developed by DMK. Never mix DMK Products with any other brand of skin care product.

Its time to put an end to acne today! Experience the amazing results of a DMK HYDRADERMAZE acne treatment. Book an appointment today and discover how you can regain clear, acne-free skin and feel good about your looks again.

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What Causes Congested Skin?

Some skin care products can actually be the cause of congested skin which leads to breakouts in the skin

Incompatible product use can cause a product build-up on the surface of the skin.

Some products form a barrier on the surface of the skin that actually glues dead skin cell material to the surface instead of allowing natural exfoliation to take place. These products can also block the excretion process of the skin, trapping oil and waste material in the pores and hair shafts

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Other skin care products can strip away oil or over stimulate the oil glands of your skin, exacerbating the problem. Eventually, dead cells dump into the pores and hair shafts which causes the excess oil to clog and congest the skin.

Treatment for Acne Scars


Unsightly acne scars can be treated using non-surgical methods. DMK has developed advanced skin revision protocols to resolve most types of scars, particularly the deep-pitted, orange peel effect created by severe acne.

Learn more about DMK ALKALINE WASH, revision for scars

As an acne sufferer, Dr. Danné Montague-King developed a unique acne treatment system based on science and the way your skin functions naturally. You can benefit from his 40 years of experience and life-long dedication to rebuilding the lives of acne sufferers all around the globe.

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Danné Montague-King South Africa

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