The Breakthrough, New Approach to Treating Acne


A Powerful, Drug-Free Miracle For the Treatment of Acne

A new and exclusive formulation that moves beyond conventional acne ingredients for an effective, non irritating and elegant scientific treatment combination. Contains no harsh peroxides that dry the skin. Instead, our acne treatment uses highly effective yet gentle germicides, combined with agents that both suppress sebum and help to cleanse the pores of compacted sebum and debris.



ACU KLENZ is a sulfate and paraben-free cleanser with salicylic acid as the exfoliating, cleansing agent.

ACU KLENZ is deeply effective yet calmed with vitamin rich panthenol and vitamin B5 that contains antimicrobial properties that are crucial to controlling the growth and spread of bacteria. It rebalances the oil production of your skin. Vitamin B5 increases coenzyme A. Coenzyme A is involved in the metabolism and breaking down of sebum.

Aloe Vera is used to cut down on erythematic and topical inflammation.

Tree extract, castor seed oil, thyme and rosemary are used for their pore cleansing and sebum controlling powers. They are blended and concentrated to help kill bacteria in your skin.

ACU KLENZ is used daily, mornings and evenings



ACU KLEAR is a spot lotion that replaces 5% and 10% BP lotion. After cleansing with ACU-KLENZ, ACU-KLEAR is applied to active acne areas day and night.

ACU KLEAR contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients that will help to heal your skin quickly

How ACU KLEAR Works to Control Acne:

  • Aids dead cell removal.
  • Sebum-balancer for greasy skin, seborrhoeic skin and melanic spots
  • Increases purifying oxygen through capillaries, acts as a “toxic skin flush”.
  • Free radical scavengers that help build new collagen in compromised tissue.
  • Controls the stress hormonal flux associated with acne conditions. Is natural rich in lycopene, a superior anti-oxidant. It also helps to calm inflammatory conditions.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals that promote healthy, acne-free skin. For example: the mineral zinc, when combined with vitamin C forms a powerful anti-acne duo



ACU MOIST is a moisture occluding lotion ideally suited for anyone experiencing over drying of the skin caused by acne treatments or persons looking for a non-oily light skin moisture occluding crème.

ACU MOIST is rich in essential fatty acids that are needed to keep your skin healthy. Vitamin A acts as a protective barrier to prevent water from leaving your skin.

ACU MOIST uses Dimethicone which is a type of silicone oil. Dimethicones are unmodified silicone oils. Silicone oils stay on the surface of the skin as the molecules are too large to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Because it stays on the surface of the skin, dimethicone provides a skin barrier that prevents transdermal water loss. This is an excellent ingredient for someone whose skin barrier has been disrupted or whose skin barrier is seriously compromised.

Soothing and comforting, calming and healing, anti-inflammatory and reduces redness.

Vitamin B5 stabilizes the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through the skin. It also contains antimicrobial properties that are crucial to controlling the growth and spread of bacteria. It rebalances oil production. Vitamin B5 increases Coenzyme A that is involved in the metabolism and the break-down of sebum.

An effective pH regulator ensures that natural skin care products remain in the optimally acidic range of pH4.6-5, at which skin thrives



ACU MIST replaces the acne sufferer’s acid mantle and is also a protector of Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). The skin's acid mantle is a natural barrier against bacteria and other contaminants.

A small percent of salicylic acid contained in this formula helps minimize dead cell build-up while the purified water laced with Tea Tree extract, castor oil, rosemary and thyme keeps the skin hydrated and acts as a shield against p. Acnes bacteria.

ACU MIST is sprayed onto the affected areas after cleansing. It is a crucial part of the whole KLEAR COLLECTION routine for controlling acne.

This spray is used to keep the skin hydrated and is used in combination with ACU MOIST. ACU MIST helps the moisturiser to be absorbed into the voids of the skin.

ACU MIST can be used several times a day OVER any DMK crèmes or lotions for continued hydration and to provide support to prevent p. Acnes bacteria.



ACU THERM is a petrolatum free blemish gel designed to “heat up” painful pustules, papules and pimples and hydrolyze the hardened sebum wax and bacteria trapped in pores. It is the ultimate “deep pore cleansing” tool.

ACU THERM contains heat ingredients (herbal rubeficients)such as Clove and Cassia

It also contains Capsicum Cayenne which is high in enzymes and substances which are utilized by the endocrine system, which in turn releases hormones into the blood stream. These in turn regulate functions like metabolism and mood. Cayenne has antibacterial properties, and is rich in Vitamin A which is an essential soldier in the fight against free radicals arising from stress and illness.

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