DMK's Answer To Laser Resurfacing For a Wrinkle-Free Skin


LIQUID LASER - The Gentle But Highly Effective Alternative to Laser Treatment

The perfect solution for under-eye wrinkles. LIQUID LASER is a superior resurfacing treatment with supreme skin rebuilding and strengthening capability. LIQUID LASER can also be used on target areas such as the neck, face, décolleté, forearms or the back of the hands.

Why Choose DMK's Liquid Laser Over Ordinary Laser Treatments?

Ordinary laser treatments performed by a doctor can often be too invasive for certain areas especially around the eyes. Because of this, we developed the LIQUID LASER Treatment as a gentle alternative, specifically designed to deal with the soft, sensitive areas such as the eyes, face and neck and the back of the hands

In tests, far superior results were obtained with LIQUID LASER than with an ordinary laser treatment. In fact, the appearance of under-eye wrinkles was actually more predominant after facial tightening with laser surgery but LIQUID LASER achieved outstanding results by comparison.

Why is this?

Because, unlike ordinary laser treatment, the RETOSIN LIQUID LASER treatment actually rebuilds the skin due to its powerful formulation consisting of a high concentration of cell-enhancing Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.

LIQUID LASER Treatment-a Combination of DMK's Powerful Formulations

RETOSIN quickly penetrates the skin to dissolve the dry, dead skin cells whilst nurturing the skin with the powerful regenerative properties of Vitamin A. RETOSIN removes and rebuilds your skin at the same time

PRO ALPHA #1 raises the moisture content of the skin, drawing water to the surface of the skin where it improves the firmness and bounce of the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

ENZYME MASQUE #1 gives your skin a Lift-Off by nourishing the skin and restoring its natural functioning helping you to gain a glowing, healthy appearance

DMK HOME PRESCRIPTIVES serve to nourish, protect and maintain your skin's condition thus prolonging the effects of the in-clinic treatment

Transdermal Nutrition Treatment

Finally, following your LIQUID LASER Treatment, you're given DMK's TRANSDERMAL NUTRITION TREATMENT that guarantees you the excellent results you would expect from any one of DMK's superior resurfacing procedures

Transdermal Nutrition Treatment restores your skin's natural functioning:

  • Restores moisture and hydration
  • Creates an optimal environment for new skin cells to live and thrive
  • Repairs the skin's Acid Mantle
  • Puts back essential nutrients, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Assists the skin to repair itself and function effectively
  • Reduces redness of the skin
  • Reduces post treatment irritation
  • Promotes faster healing of the skin
  • Increased cellular organization within the skin

LIQUID LASER is an excellent resurfacing solution for anyone wanting to enhance their looks the gentle, natural way without any invasive methods or surgery. Contact us today and discover the DMK Difference!

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DMK Products to Enhance Your Skin


FINE LINE crème is a highly effective nourishing crème designed for use around the eyes, lips, mouth and neck. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in these key areas.


FINE LINE CREME is suitable for all skin types and is highly recommended for those with fragile or thin skin. This is a highly effective formulation and excellent results can be seen on the first application.



EYE TONE is formulated to treat the weak, fragile skin around the eye area. It was designed to strengthen skin tissue in this area and as a result it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. EYE TONE also works to reduce redness, puffiness under the eyes and dark circles.

EYE TONE strengthens skin tissue by nourishing it and promoting the production of collagen in the skin.

It also acts as a skin tissue brightener making it a highly effective solution for dark circles around the eyes.

Although EYE TONE was designed to treat the fragile eye area, it can be used on any area of the face, neck or body. The results of EYE TONE can be compared to BOTOX but at a much lower treatment cost.

EYE TONE is suitable for all skin types and can be used by anyone, young or old, male or female.

Contact us today and discover how DMK skin revision treatments and skin care products will make a difference to your life.

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