Advanced Skin Revision For Any Area of the Body


Full Body Rejuvenation From Head to Toe

Beautiful, Healthy Skin is Not Only About Caring For Your Face! DMK REMODELLING PROCEDURES is a series of treatment protocols designed to resolve problem skin in almost any area of the body - not just the face! Any part of the body where ageing, wrinkles and sagging skin has become more prominent or a stubborn skin condition has manifested can be dealt with effectively.

The REMODELLING PROCEDURES RP Series of Treatments Include:

  • ARP - Arm RP
  • BRP - Back RP
  • DRP - Décolleté RP
  • LRP - Leg RP
  • SRP - Stomach / Stretch Marks RP
  • HRP - Hand RP
  • FRP - Face RP

A youthful, healthy appearance is essential for building your self-confidence and feeling good about yourself in the public eye. Feeling good about your body in the gym or at the beach can make the world of difference to your self-esteem. DMK's REMODELLING PROCEDURES program can help you to achieve that goal by targeting that troublesome area of your body.

Remodelling Procedures Video

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The REMODELLING PROCEDURES program is designed to target the effects of premature ageing and will revise skin that has suffered as a result of the sun or environmental damage. Any area of the body can be treated.


  • Wrinkles, Lines
  • Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Loose, Sagging Skin
  • Age Spots
  • Stretch Marks

DMK skin revision treatments are designed to work with the skin emulating the way your skin works naturally. This is why they are able to deliver such incredible results in rapid time. Contact us today and experience the DMK difference!

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Premature Ageing Can Be Prevented

Sun damage is the number one cause of rapid ageing and skin cancer. Prevention is better than cure so, if you want to preserve your good looks for a long time, then you must keep your face and body protected from the sun's harmful rays at all times



SOLAR DAMAGE GEL will provide your skin with a diet of rich nutrients to support the skin.

This is a specialized gel moisturizer is formulated to revise deficiencies in the skin's essential elements.

SOLAR DAMAGE GEL will enhance the natural water barrier and defences of the skin.

This formula is suitable for all skin types and was designed for skin that has been compromised by age, sun damage and environmental conditions.


A non-greasy sunblock that is designed to provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. This is no ordinary sunblock. DMK's SUNSCREEN was designed for transdermal delivery allowing the formula to penetrate the deeper voids of the skin to provide protection.


DMK SUNSCREEN is highly effective for up to several hours and can be used as an every day protective barrier against the sun. This is a light, non-greasy odourless formula that can be worn every day, even under make-up.

DMK skin care products are specially formulated to match the chemistry of your skin. They will make a remarkable difference to your skin. There's no going back, once you've tried DMK for the first time.

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Danné Montague-King South Africa

DMK is THE ONE - World Leaders in Paramedical Skin Revision!