Advanced Paramedical Skin Revision Training


An Overview of the DMK Training Program

DMK Training courses are held in every major province in Southern Africa by fully qualified trainers and skin specialists. Full training manuals, notes and presentations are provided.

DMK Therapists are trained in the application and use of all aspects of DMK skin revision protocols and DMK paramedical products. Please note that due to the strength and pharmaceutical grade of the ingredients used, DMK products may not be used without having first received the appropriate training.

DMK Therapists Are Trained To:

  • Understand the Anatomy Of the Skin and It's Functions and Processes
  • Analyze, Diagnose and Treat Most Skin Conditions Such As Acne, Ageing, Scars, Hyperpigmentation etc.
  • Treat All Cases of Severe Acne
  • Revise Acne Scars and Other Types of Scarring
  • Provide Anti-Ageing Treatments that Lift, Firm and Tighten the Skin While Strengthening the Facial Muscles and Skin Tissue
  • Treat Sun-Damaged Skin and Restore Optimal Skin Functioning
  • Revise Hyperpigmentation, Lentigo, Melasma, Chloasma and Dark Circles
  • Recommend a Home Treatment Program and Prescribe the Appropriate Home Maintenance Products
  • Deliver Full Body Treatments To Revise a Problem Skin Condition In a Particular Area of the Body
  • Use Electromagnetic Wave Therapy To Alleviate Stress and Enhance the Effects of Skin Revision
  • Tailor Custom Skin Revision Treatments to Address Stubborn Skin Conditions Or a Client's Needs

Training Programs

Program One - An introduction to the anatomy of the skin, the DMK Concept, DMK treatments and paramedical products

Home Prescriptives - Implementing a home maintenance program and a full description of home prescriptive products

Acne Correctives - Diagnosing and treating all types of acne

Spa Body Therapy - DMK full body treatments to address skin conditions of the body such as stretch marks, cellulite etc.

Resurfacing - A guide to anti-ageing treatments and revising wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin

Alkaline Variations - Advanced skin revision to treat variety of skin conditions

Melanin Chemistry - Addressing hyperpigmentation problems

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