A Look At the Healing Benefits Of Electromagnetic Wave Therapy


Article By Dr. Danné Montague-King

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy is being hailed as an effective treatment for restoring health and vitality to the body and skin. Today, it is widely endorsed by the medical profession skin clinics as a useful aid to assist in the healing processes of damaged or diseased tissue and bones. This article explains how Electromagnetic Therapy works and what it can do.

What Is Electromagnetic Wave Therapy?

Human beings, plants and animals live their entire lives in two different magnetic fields. There are environmentally friendly natural terrestrial magnetic fields that slightly pulsate and then there are the artificially created magnetic fields. These are created by high voltage lines, TV and radio signals, neon lights, computer screens and other electrical apparatus.

There is no question that natural magnetic fields are healthy; we have lived in harmony with them for many generations in the form of the earth’s own magnetic fields, namely the North and South Pole. Artificial magnetic fields may be referred to as unhealthy fields, although there has been no real proof of this to date.

Many experiments have shown that human beings, animals and plants do not thrive in an environment with less that the natural terrestrial magnetism. Experiments with animals clearly demonstrate that when confined to a cage with thick steel walls impenetrable by magnetic fields they quickly contract diseases and usually dies after a short time. If the reverse is applied, placing the same animals in a well-defined, pulsing magnetic field, they become well.

Electromagnetic therapy has been well researched and documented for over 100 years. Its use extends across the globe with particular use in Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Japan and the US. It is highly regarded as an effective treatment method by physiotherapists, surgeons, osteopaths, chiropractors and remedial therapists.

How Does Electromagnetic Wave Therapy Work?

Electromagnetic waves (EMW) are different to magnets. Magnets are only lodestones and have minimal effect on any serious condition in the body or on the skin. For electromagnetic waves to be effective, an electrical wire must be coiled around a magnet to produce a pulsing wave or field.

Better Oxygen Uptake

Electromagnetic fields affect the four oxygen molecules carrying iron atoms in the haemoglobin so that they are better able to absorb one oxygen molecule each. Put simply, it can be compared to `irons and magnets’ with one attracting the other.

The oxygen partial pressure, pO2 (not blood pressure) increases in this process, signalling that the blood cells are becoming saturated with oxygen. This can actually be measure with an oxygen partial pressure meter.

Many athletes have taken advantage of this capacity to absorb more oxygen by undergoing electromagnetic therapy before a sporting event. In this way they delay the moment when the production of lactic acid starts to make their muscles feel sore and weary. Their performances improve but they should be monitored as they use up more energy and may become prone to exhaustion. The ability to absorb more oxygen during electromagnetic treatments starts after only a few minutes and reaches its maximum level in around 15 minutes. The oxygen partial pressure can increase as much as two to four times.

Greater Circulation

The dangers of poor circulation and its effect on the skin should not be underestimated. The function of blood is to carry oxygen to the site of skin cells via the capillary loops. From there it is dispensed to the mitochondria, the little battery that provides all our cells with the energy that keeps them alive (anesodinetriphosphate or ATP). On the return trip, the oxygen molecules help to remove toxins and other debris from the cells. On the return trip, the oxygen molecules help to remove toxins and other debris from the cells.

During EMW therapy, the blood vessels and capillaries dilate to a small extent. When a blood cell absorbs more oxygen, it acquires an aerodynamic shape and loses its tendency to stick to other blood cells. The improved aerodynamics of the blood cells increases the velocity of blood flow, like a sink that has been unclogged by the plumber. It’s important to note that measurements of blood pressure and pulse show these do not change significantly during and after EMW treatment.

Clients will be very relaxed after a treatment and any muscle ache or joint pain will not feel as stiff and sore as before – even if you are using your EMW equipment for a facial treatment. After a series of treatments, the waste products such as accumulators of uric acid in the legs and feet are eliminated to such an extent that circulation becomes more normalized.

Restoring a Damaged Cell

A membrane, through which various vital substances may pass in and out, surrounds a living skin cell. When the cell is operating at full healthy capacity the difference between the negative ion on the inside (potassium) of the cell membrane and the positive ion on the outside (sodium) of the membrane is about 70 milivolts (mv=one thousandth of a volt).

This simply means that the positive ion on the outside of the wall of the cell membrane sometimes becomes overloaded from too much positive electromagnetic energy. As our electromagnetic field is supplied from our brains and is carried throughout the entire body via the neuro system, any disease or inflammation can block the normal positive/negative flow between the cells. The end result is too much positive energy at the outside area of the cell membrane.

Sodium, the positive ion can drag fluids around with it in the body. When the membrane of a skin cell is breached, it drags fluids and puffs up the cell to bursting point, causing oedema and more inflammation.

But what happens to potassium the negative ion within the cell membrane? It exits the cell, leaving the nucleus inside the cell (and the DNA family) completely unprotected. This leaves the cell in trauma and on its way to depolarization.

Electromagnetic Therapy and the Therapist

When a cell is left unprotected, it can lead to numerous skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema. But don’t forget the stress factor that leads to ageing skin (in addition to poor circulation). The right EMW therapy reduces stress almost immediately after a transducer from an EMW machine is placed on the body.

I have had clients go into a deep restful sleep and wake feeling they’ve been on a three week holiday. And in my experience at least 50 percent of the outstanding results from skin treatments I have seen have been due to EMW therapy. Results were also seen much sooner than without EMW therapy.

It has been shown that certain pulsation rates correspond with groups of cells. Every cell has its own electric frequency or signal which can be amplified or normalized when exposed to magnetic fields that pulsate with the same frequencies. If you expose a cell group to a pulsating frequency different from its own, it hardly reacts. It is not possible to change the frequencies of the cell groups themselves, and therefore impossible to give an incorrect treatment.

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