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The Home of DANNÉ MONTAGUE-KING, South Africa

World Leaders In Paramedical Skin Revision - solutions for every type of skin problem - designing superior, scientifically formulated, skincare products, solutions and treatments just for you. We've been... REBUILDING SKIN, REBUILDING LIVES For Over 40 Years!

The DMK Concept - THE ONE and Only Method That Works

Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain - the Reason DMK Gets Results!

DMK's unique 4 stage concept of revising the skin, REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN has won worldwide recognition. Where other manufacturers only focus on the REMOVE aspect of skin revision, DMK goes a few steps further delivering consistent, permanent results that ensures that you'll never ever need another skin treatment again.

Learn more about The DMK CONCEPT and discover why it consistently delivers results!

Endorsed By The Medical Profession - Our Unique Approach to Treating the Skin

Quite simply, we treat the condition and the cause. At DMK, we analyze your skin and tailor our treatments and products to work with its underlying processes, addressing the dysfunctions that cause the skin condition. Only when these are rectified, can skin truly achieve its natural balance.

The World's Most Advanced Skincare System - Why DMK Skin Treatments Work

Nature, Science and Your Skin-Hand in Hand! Your skin only responds to chemistry it recognizes as its own and treatments that simulate the natural functioning of the skin - it's as simple as that!

DMK's revolutionary skincare system works with the structure and function of the skin. It doesn't just treat the surface as is the case with some other systems. DMK treatments are designed to work with the skin using natural product ingredients that emulate the skin's own chemistry

We imitate nature for natural results - the way your skin was meant to work!

Leading, Innovating, Setting World Standards For Advanced Skin Revision

Over the years, DMK's unique innovations in the skincare industry have changed the way aestheticians view and treat the skin. DMK specializes in customized paramedical pre-and post-operative treatments and resurfacing skin revision systems to encourage optimum results.

  • World leaders in scar revision
  • Advanced, drug-free methods for treating acne
  • State-of-the-art TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY SYSTEM gets to the cause of the problem
  • The world's first to use messenger enzymes to restore the skin's natural functioning
  • The first to develop products that compliment the body's own chemistry
  • Treatments that emulate the skin's natural functions


It has been over forty years since Danné Montague-King founded the DMK Skincare system and embarked on a journey that would transform lives. Frustrated by the absence of a treatment for his own acne, he was inspired to create a solution with deep and long lasting results.


Making a Difference, Changing Lives! - Over Forty Years of Helping People

Today, DMK products are used in more than 32 countries around the globe and is endorsed by the medical profession. There are over 7 000 clinics and salons that currently use the DMK system. Over a hundred thousand people have benefitted from the revolutionary DMK skin treatments and products.

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DMK is More Than Just Skincare - It's a Way of Life - Book a Consultation Today!

New Products

DMK's exciting new product range is unlike anything that has ever been released in the world. FIBROMAX C is an incredibly powerful Vitamin C anti-ageing formula that has the amazing ability to reverse the signs of ageing - a real breakthrough in age-management treatment!

Learn more about DMK FIBROMAX C


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What is Paramedical?

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DMK Works for Any Skin

We don't believe that skin has a "type". DMK skin revision programs are designed to work for any skin condition regardless of gender, age, skin condition or ethnic background. It's the DMK approach that gets results!

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Are You A Salon Owner?

Would you like to expand your business and increase your profits? Your reputation depends on delivering treatments that provide REAL RESULTS! Now you can with DMK's highly effective, natural SPA BODY THERAPY SYSTEM.

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Learn How Your Skin Works

Not sure if that "miracle" skin crème is really doing what it's supposed to do? Understanding how your skin works is the key to choosing the right skincare product or treatment for your skin. It's the reason why DMK gets consistent results.

Learn How the Skin Works and how to keep it healthy

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Danné Montague-King South Africa

DMK is THE ONE - World Leaders in Paramedical Skin Revision!