Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Skin Healthy


Your Skin Is A Reflection Of What's Happening Inside Your Body

Knowing how your skin works and how to take care of it properly makes all the difference to looking really good on the outside. Having accurate knowledge about the skin helps you to choose the right skin care products, treatments and be aware of how you're affecting your skin through eating, breathing and exercise.

How The Skin Works

A basic explanation of the functions of the skin to give you an understanding of all the factors that affect its proper functioning and the natural processes that keep it in perfect health. Learn what really keeps you looking young and vibrant and the importance of using the right skin care products.
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The Anatomy of the Skin

We take a deeper look at the skin and at what happens below the surface. You'll learn what the various layers of the skin do. Includes a diagram of the skin showing the various layers and underlying structures of the skin.
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What Causes Ageing?

Learn what causes us to develop sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles as we grow older. Understand what is needed to slow down the ageing process and keep us looking younger for longer. It will also help you to understand why DMK anti-ageing products and treatments get excellent results
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The Power of Vitamin C and Your Skin

Did you know that Vitamin C is one of the most powerful anti-ageing elements that has the capability of slowing down and almost reversing the ageing process. But, as you're about to learn, not all Vitamin C is the same. Learn what Vitamin C can do for your skin.
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Are Your Skin Crèmes Really Working For You?

Just because a skin care product contains natural ingredients or some miracle "cure all" doesn't mean that it'll work for your skin or get the results you want. In this article. you'll learn the difference between marketing hype and REAL SCIENCE!
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The Revolutionary New Approach To Treating Acne

A basic explanation of the causes and treatment of acne. Discover the number one cause of acne and what really works as an effective solution and what doesn't. Learn why DMK's revolutionary new approach to treating acne gets excellent results
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Does Deep Peeling Really Work?

Many people believe that skin peeling treatments are the answer to clear, smooth skin and looking younger. Some people also believe that the deeper the peel, the better the result. In this article we look at why deep peeling can sometimes be detrimental to the appearance of your skin.
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Seabuckthorn - Nature's Miracle Healing Plant

Discover the power of Seabuckthorn Oil, extracted from one of nature's most incredible healing plants containing potent doses of Vitamin E and over 190 bioactive substances. This miracle ingredient from the Far East is found in many skin care products and nutritional supplements
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Electromagnetic Wave Therapy and Your Skin

Studies have shown that damaged skin tissue skin heals faster when subjected to pulsing electromagnetic waves of energy. Your body consists of nothing more than water and chemical particles held together by electromagnetic energy.
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Eating to Look Good - Keeping Your Skin Healthy From Inside Out

Certain foods can help you to stay younger and have a clear, glowing skin. We look at the importance of a healthy diet and eating properly to keep your skin young, glowing and radiant from the inside out in the most natural way
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Nourishing Your Skin - Vitamins and Minerals For Your Skin

Is your skin looking dull or lifeless? Are starting to show signs of ageing? Is your skin getting enough nourishment from the foods you eat? Take a look at the role of vitamins and minerals for healthy skin and discover which vitamins are essential for keeping your skin looking young and healthy
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Articles By Dr. Danné Montague-King

Laser Alternatives

DMK's LIQUID LASER method is a highly effective and less costly alternative to laser treatments with amazing results
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Glucose Damage

A look into why we age and the processes that cause ageing including the role that glucose in the body has on ageing
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Free Radicals

A close look at what free radicals are and the damaging effects they have on the skin and body
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Ingredient Inquisition

De-mystifying ingredients found in skin care products - we look at what they are, what they do and whether they work. …
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Stretch Marks Are Scars

A look at what stretch marks are, what causes them and how they can be treated
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Peeling Away the Years

The word “peel” has been a banner for anti-aging treatments. Simply peel off a layer and viola! New, younger skin!
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Vitamin C

The continued mystique of Vitamin C - understand the mechanisms of this vitamin beyond its anti-oxidant properties.
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Rosacea Reality

One of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood skin disorders in the history of the human race.
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As a former acne sufferer, Dr. Danné Montague-King shares his story, highlighting the various treatment options
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The Phenomenon of Black Skin Revision

In this article we look at the myths surrounding ethnic skin and explore methods of treating and caring for darker skin tones
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Most Women Have It - No Woman Wants It!

Unsightly cellulite and an uneven skin texture can be resolved. The causes of cellulite and its formation in the skin
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Scar Tissue - The Therapist's Dilemma!

Effective scar revision, not an easy process but excellent results can be achieved using the right approach
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The Enzymic Body

Learn what enzymes are and how they work. Discover the power of Enyzme Therapy for your skin
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Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

How electromagnetic waves can be used to enhance the healing of diseased or damaged skin tissue
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