The Role of Enzymes in the Body


Article By Dr. Danné Montague-King

In a world saturated by quick fixes like skin fillers, BOTOX, surgical threads and all kinds of radio frequency and laser machines, if I were asked to name the treatment that delivers the best long term results. I would say Enzyme Therapy

In China where most skins are not suitable for lasers, enzyme therapy not only restores the cellular functions of youth through the tightening of sagging contours, but it is the first step in the removal and total control of hyperpigmentation.

If we asked our top scientists to describe the human body at its most fundamental level, the scientist would say: “We are nothing more than a bag of fluids, proteins and amino acids, orchestrated by enzymes and held together by electromagnetic energy!”

Sometimes I am surprised that scientists have only identified 1300 enzymes that control every molecular aspect of our bodies. I am convinced there are many more. It is not surprising that research shows enzymes play an important role in the treatment of the disorders in the skin. It is a series of enzymatic activities that maintain the skin at its healthiest in the first place.

What Is An Enzyme?

Enzymes are nature’s biological catalysts. For many years it was commonly believed by skin therapists and even physicians that enzymes were not suitable for real skin therapy because they were huge protein molecules and therefore too large to penetrate the skin.

We now know that enzymes are no more proteins than a light bulb is electricity. Skin therapy enzymes use proteins formed in plant cells to act as organic catalysts in initiating or speeding up specific chemical reactions.

How Does An Enzyme Work?

Research shows that enzymes combine temporarily with the reacting molecule. Mutual contact of surrounding molecules is no longer a matter of chance but a matter of certainty, hence the faster reaction.

For example, when the body breaks down a carbohydrate, the energy used to hold the carbohydrate is released and immediately used or stored in the body. This is called “metabolism”

Metabolism is divided into two functions: anabolism (for the synthesis of cell material) and catabolism (for the decomposition of cell material).

These reactions would be non-existent without the proteins orchestrated by enzymes. Enzymes actually work by joining to the substrate (reactant) to form an enzyme substrate complex and then produce the products of the reaction. The enzyme does not change nor is used up in this reaction, but is released for repeated use.

Reverse Osmosis and the Plasmatic Effect

DMK Enzyme Therapies initiate rapid and effective action. Within 45 minutes of DMK masques, reverse osmosis occurs, forcing fluids through the cell wall membrane into the matrix to remove impurities. The outcome is a clean cell and surrounding matrix.

After the initial application of enzyme masques, the client will experience sensations such as itching and then a regular pulsing as their own body temperature helps activate the Enzymic action on and within the skin. A subtle dilation of the peripheral capillaries will follow, typically disappearing after a few minutes.

This is called plasmatic action and will flush out clogged capillaries that are often perceived to be broken, but are in fact mini aneurisms. The process strengthens the veins which are the conduits of oxygen and nutrients taken up by the mitochondria or the battery packs of healthy skin cells.

The road map of capillaries indicates a successful treatment and that the extra cellular fluids are equalised. Extra cellular fluids that are too low or too high are indicated in skin that is unhealthy inflamed or toxic. Only the DMK treatments can create the homeostasis (balanced extracellular fluids) that is necessary for healthy functioning skin.

It is the maintenance of the mitochondria, the most important part of our skin cells that place DMK treatments apart from any other treatment offered today.

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