Addresses the Real, Underlying Causes of Acne


Why DMK's New Approach To Resolving Acne Skin Gets Excellent Results

Of the hundreds of acne treatments available on the market today, how many are really able to deliver real, lasting results? How many can actually claim to remove the causes of acne? Let's find out...

While there is no single cause of acne, acne can result from blood sugar problems and chronic inflammation. These trigger hormonal reactions that lead to increased sebum production, blocked pores and overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria

High-glycemic diets, with their higher carbohydrate and sugar contributions, give rise to increased levels of insulin. High-glycemic diets also promote increased blood levels of another substance: free insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

IGF-1 promotes acne in a similar way to insulin, by promoting follicular obstruction through inducing androgen-mediated sebum production, but also hyperkeratosis, a thickening of the outer layers of skin, and a proliferation of skin cells. Studies show increased levels of IGF-1 in those suffering from acne.

Cells that produce sebum have receptors for stress hormones; sebum is the oily substance that mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria to clog the hair follicles, leading to a pimple or acne cyst

Cortisol, the stress hormone, increases androgens, increases inflammation and makes the system more acidic


Psychological stress promotes oxidative stress and inflammation, the two leading causes of acne. Under stress, dietary habits are often altered which exacerbates the acne condition

The Revolutionary New Approach To Treating Acne Is...

DMK’s KLEAR Collection – the Answer To Acne Skin

A variety of medicines are available to fight the condition, but as is the case with many dermatological afflictions, the underlying causes are not dealt with.

Here’s What Doesn’t Work – Only Treating the Surface of the Skin

The majority of acne treatments are simply topical solutions that alleviate acne symptoms through a process of excessive drying out of the skin to reduce facial oiliness and clogging. This approach only addresses the symptoms that are visible on the surface of the skin but not the underlying causes of acne.

Here’s What Works – Treating the Symptoms and the Cause

As with all DMK products and treatments, our approach is based on scientific principles and an advanced and accurate understanding of how the skin functions naturally. It is the reason why DMK consistently gets amazing results. Quite simply, DMK ADDRESSES THE CAUSE AND THE CONDITION.

The fact that the new DMK acne range does this in such a fundamental, natural way, in itself is a drug-free miracle!

Here’s why...

DMK KLEAR’s Advanced Formulation Exceeds Anything Else

Real Science, Real Results!

DMK KLEAR’s new and exclusive formulation moves way beyond conventional acne ingredients for an effective, non-irritating and elegant scientific treatment combination

DMK Works With the Way Your Skin Naturally Functions

The DMK KLEAR acne range contains no harsh peroxides that dry the skin. Instead. It uses highly effective yet gentle germicides, combined with agents that both suppress sebum and help to cleanse the pores of compacted sebum and debris.

  • Deep cleanses and controls acne bacteria
  • Breaks down excess build-up of sebum
  • Controls the production of sebum
  • Restores the natural processes of the skin
  • Acts on skin at cellular level to regulate functioning
  • Reduces stress levels and controls hormonal balance
  • Maintains balance of the skin’s acid mantle

The DMK KLEAR Range of Products:

ACU KLENZ is a cleanser and exfoliating agent designed to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts by controlling the growth and spread of bacteria. It cuts down topical inflammation, rebalances the production of oil and aids in breaking down sebum

ACU THERM is a petrolatum-free gel that softens blind pimples and congested acne eliminating the need to squeeze. It works by heating up pustules, papules and pimples and hydrolyses the hardened sebum wax and bacteria trapped in pores.

It is the ultimate deep pore cleansing tool, containing ingredients, high in enzymes that release hormones into the blood stream to regulate functions like metabolism and mood. It is also rich in vitamins that are essential in the fight against free radicals that cause stress and illness.

ACU MIST is a light and gentle lotion that works to restore the acid mantle and protect the skin against Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)

It helps minimize dead cell build-up while the purified water laced with a unique blend of herbs keeps the skin hydrated and acts as a shield against p. Acnes bacteria.

ACU MIST can be used several times a day OVER any DMK crèmes or lotions for continued hydration and p. Acnes bacteria guard support

ACU MOIST brings balance to the moisture levels in the skin. It is ideally suited for anyone experiencing over drying of the skin caused by acne treatments or persons looking for a non-oily light skin moisture occluding crème.

The unique silicone oil-based formulation is specially designed to stay on the surface of the skin to provide a protective barrier and to prevent water from leaving the skin.

This lotion has soothing, calming, healing properties that reduces inflammation and redness. It is excellent for someone whose skin barrier has been disrupted or seriously compromised

ACU KLEAR is a spot lotion that replaces Benzoyl Peroxide lotion. It is formulated to reduce redness and inflammation and to manage sebum control.

It acts as a sebum balancer for greasy skin, seborrhoeic skin and melanic spots. Acting as a free radical scavenger, it helps to build new collagen in compromised skin tissue.

It contains powerful ingredients that control the stress hormonal flux associated with acne conditions and is rich in superior anti-oxidants. Other properties of the ingredients used in ACU KLEAR include increasing the flow of purifying oxygen through the capillaries and flushing out harmful toxins from the skin

The KLEAR range is suitable for all skin types and can also be sold over the counter for home use without prescription.

Now you can confidently offer your clients a highly effective, proven acne solution that delivers clear, acne-free skin with REAL, LASTING RESULTS

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