Heals, Nourishes and Protects Your Skin At Cellular Level


Restoring Your Natural Beauty Deep Within the Skin Where It Matters Most

Simply applying a crème to the surface of the skin does little to remedy a skin condition. To truly revise a skin condition, we must act on the skin cells themselves and the way the skin functions naturally. DMK's unique TRANSDERMAL DELIVERY SYSTEM does exactly that; heal your skin at cell level from deep within.

Transdermal delivery involves the slow release of potent active product ingredients deep into the voids of skin tissue, where they are actually stored for periods of up eight hours. This particular method of delivery is popular in the pharmaceutical world in forms such as estrogen patches.

DMK products are specially designed to penetrate deeply into the skin tissue. The other important factor here is that the ingredients used in DMK products match the chemistry of your own skin allowing them to be readily accepted by the skin cells thus allowing faster healing and repair.


New cells need stimulation in order for the rebuilding process to place. The living cells need to be surrounded with nutrients and the right chemistry that will provide the ideal environment to keep these cells healthy and young. These nutrients and chemical components are provided by the product ingredients used.

Transdermal delivery allows the active substances to travel right down to the reproductive layer of the skin where they encourage the growth, repair and development of new, young skin cells.

While a cosmetic product may claim to contain the most amazing ingredients, it is the delivery system that counts. In order for a product to be effctive, it must have an appropriate delivery system and base to deliver these ingredients effectively into the epidermis. Unfortunately many cosmetic products just sit on the surface of the skin doing nothing and provide very little, if any benefit to the skin.

It's for a very good reason that DMK formulations are very complex and precise in manufacturing. It takes 10 days just to make one type of DMK creme. Combining science with nature to create one of the world's most advanced skin revision systems, your skin can definitely benefit from our forty years of experience in the industry.

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DMK Transdermal Skin Crèmes

With the exception of HYDROPHILLIC CREME, all DMK formulations are transdermal. They are designed to blend with water on the skin. The water based formulation acts as a delivery system for the active ingredients of the crème, enabling them to deeply penetrate the epidermis to do their work.


All DMK skin crèmes are formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients designed to match the chemistry of your skin. This enables the product ingredients to be accepted by the skin enabling them to directly act on the cells, working naturally with your skin to restore lost functioning and processes.

Visit the DMK Products page on this website to learn more about DMK's range of transdermal skin crèmes.

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