The Causes and Treatment of Rosacea, Psoriasis and Spider Veins


DMK Skin Revision - The Answer to Embarrassing Skin Problems

Having an embarrassing skin problem can have devastating psychological effects and is often the cause of many social problems affecting sufferers of all ages. Sadly, many sufferers go through life thinking that nothing can be done about their skin condition. If you're one of these people, then you're in good hands because DMK does have a solution for you.



Rosacea is a vascular skin disorder that is caused by the breakdown of the lymphatic system and the skin's immune system. Rosacea produces unsightly physical effects and conditions range from mild to very severe, requiring medical attention.

Rosacea is not a condition that will heal by itself. If it is left untreated, the condition will worsen. Early treatment is the key.

The Visible Symptoms of Rosacea:

  • Flushing redness on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin
  • Erythema (redness), inflammation
  • Tightness
  • Small blisters, red bumps, pimples
  • Heat weals
  • Watery itchy eyes
  • Bulbous nose, Noticeable pores, baggy cheeks
  • In very severe cases of Rosacea, fibroplasia, distorted facial features etc
  • Sensations include stinging, burning, hot itchy rashes

What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea can affect all segments of the population but more so with people of a fair complexion. Genetic links can be asthma, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are a variety of triggers that can cause Rosacea to flare up. These include sun exposure, stress, hot beverages like coffee, alcohol and spicy foods. Medications and cosmetics with irritating ingredients and fragrances can also contribute to the condition.

A deficiency of essential fatty acids and an impaired acid mantle (the skin's protective barrier) are two major causes of Rosacea

For a more in-depth article on Rosacea, read the article entitled Rosacea Reality by Dr. Danné Montague-King.

The DMK Method of Treating Rosacea

For treating rosacea, DMK uses a combination of the ALKALINE WASH Treatment and the world acclaimed, highly effective ENZYME THERAPY Treatment. This combination of treatments reaches the core of the problem and addresses all the contributing factors that cause rosacea.


How DMK Treatments Work to Eliminate Rosacea:

  • Bacterial fighting agents work to kill off causative bacteria and the Dermodex mite
  • Reduces the inflammation, redness and swelling in the skin
  • Re-establishes the skin's natural defense barrier
  • Enhances the skin's natural functioning and normalizes internal processes
  • Strengthens the skin's immune system to fight off further infection and bacteria
  • Strengthens the structure of the skin
  • Repairs and restores cellular integrity of skin tissue
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin with a rich supply of nutrients to keep it healthy

PLEASE NOTE: Some symptoms of rosacea such as Rhinophyma cannot be treated by a skin and beauty therapist. Rhinophyma, mostly found in males, is characterized by a large, bulbous swollen nose with enlarged pores and broken capillaries. This condition usually requires special surgery that must be performed by a professional medical specialist.



Your skin cells are constantly renewing themselves. New cells are growing while old cells die and are shed off from the surface of the skin. Psoriasis is a chronic condition that is the result of skin cells growing too quickly causing a build-up of excess skin cells on the surface of the skin to form thick silvery patches. These patches of dry, flaky skin are called plaques.

This abnormal proliferation of skin cells can be found anywhere on the body but in mild cases, it is more commonly found on the knees, elbows and the scalp. Sometimes the condition is barely noticeable and is often dismissed.. In severe cases, the condition can spread over very large regions of the body or in some cases, the entire body is covered with thick, layers of flaky skin.

It is not known what causes Psoriasis but despite its unsightly appearance, it is not contagious. There is no known cure for psoriasis but it can be controlled with certain medications or topical lotions and crèmes.

Psoriasis can affect anyone of any age, gender or race.

The Symptoms of Psoriasis

  • Raised bumps, thickened and scaly skin manifesting in patches
  • Red bumps or blisters filled with pus
  • Tiny blood spots on the skin
  • Patches of flaky skin on the scalp appearing to be dandruff
  • Finger nails and toe nails have yellowish brown appearance
  • Lesions on the genitals
  • Symptoms can be found in any region of the body

Treating Psoriasis

Although there is no cure for psoriasis it can be kept at bay with a topical solution such as DMK BETA GEL especially where only small areas are affected. This can be supplemented with a treatments such as DMK's ENZYME THERAPY which is a highly effective solution for bringing relief to psoriasis.

For much larger areas of the body that are affected by psoriasis, DMK's BODY ENZYME THERAPY Treatment is the answer. Enzyme therapy restores the skin's natural processes at a deep cell level which helps it to function normally. This helps to keep the psoriasis in check.

Spider Veins


Varicose veins are large, thick swollen veins that tend to bulge out from the surface of the skin. They are mainly found on the legs and are common in men and women.

Spider veins are like tiny varicose veins. The veins are like fine threads that resemble the branches of a tree or spider web. They are red or blue in color and are generally found on the face or the legs. Spider Veins on the face occur around the nose and cheeks in small patches or in larger areas

Spider Veins are found closer to the skin than varicose veins. They are caused by blood circulation problems, hormonal changes, exposure to the sun or injuries. Spider Veins do not pose a serious health issue but they can cause some mild discomfort such as an itching or burning sensation. The formation of spider veins is also an indication of oxygen starvation in the body.

Treating Spider Veins

Unlike varicose veins that require procedures such as laser treatment or surgery in severe cases, spider veins can be treated with a topical crème such as DMK's RED VEIN CREME. You will also benefit greatly by having an in-clinic treatment such as DMK's revolutionary ENZYME THERAPY Treatment which is designed to strengthen the capillary network of the skin and restore its natural functioning as well as nourishing and rejuvenating the skin at cellular level.

Protection from the sun is absolutely essential in preventing the occurrence of spider veins. DMK's TRANSDERMAL SUNBLOCK is an excellent choice for this purpose because it deeply penetrates the skin serving to protect it at cellular level.

You don't have to live with an unsightly skin condition that is causing you embarrassment, stress and discomfort. Something can be done about it and DMK has the perfect solution that works for you. Call us today!

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DMK Solutions For Your Skin Problems



DMK's efa+ is a dietary supplement containing a potent cocktail of essential Omega's 3, 6, 7 and 9 designed to maintain healthy skin and prevent disease and infection.

Topical solutions to treat skin condition are not enough. Your skin needs to be nourished from the inside out. DMK efa+ is often prescribed for home use in conjunction with skin revision treatments in order to make the treatment more effective and accelerate the skin's healing process.

A deficiency of essential fatty acids is a primary cause of skin conditions such as Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema and other stress-related skin conditions.

Essential Fatty Acids have to come from a food source and are not manufactured by the body

DMK efa+ Aids the Following Conditions of the Skin and Body

  • Pigmentation problems
  • Acne
  • Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis
  • Anti inflammatory for joints, skin and body
  • Inflamed, reactive skins
  • Skin with poor hydration
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and related skin disorders
  • Assists the skin's immune system to keep infection under control
  • Skin with poor healing
  • For healthy condition of hair and nails



BETA GEL is a powerful serum packed with betaglucan and enriched with vitamins to repair the skin. It is formulated to reduce redness and swelling and to speed up the healing process of damaged or infected skin tissue.

BETA GEL works by boosting the skin's own immune system to fight off infection and rapidly reduce any inflammation. It is highly effective for the treatment of conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis.

Designed for direct application to cleansed skin, this powerful formula works for any skin type and there is no skin condition that will not benefit from its ability to bring relief to some of the most severe skin problems.

BETA GEL is a powerful and highly effective formula that gets results yet gentle and safe for all skin types and any skin condition because of the unique blend of active ingredients used.


Designed to assist in the reduction of swollen veins, fragile capillaries, unsightly redness and red acne scarring. Red vein crème can also be used to treat bruising. It is also excellent for use on Rosacea


This superb capillary crème is formulated to rid the skin of couperose conditions naturally. It is a vaso-dilator using herbal stimulants to force contracted, pinched and clogged capillaries to open up and let the blood flow through naturally.

RED VEIN CREME contains powerful ingredients that will strengthen weak veins and restore proper functioning. The appearance of broken, swollen or distended capillaries will fade with regular use

How RED VEIN CREME Will Help You

  • Visibly reduces redness with excellent results
  • Reduces spider veins and thread veins
  • Resists the formation of spider veins
  • Increases the skin's resistance to reddening and flushing
  • Improves blood circulation and health of your skin

Clinic Treatments for Problem Skin

Based on over 40 years of experience and the development of their unique concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain, DMK have formulated a range of powerful skin revision treatments that deliver outstanding results for the most difficult skin conditions



An unusual and highly advanced skin revision treatment that creates an intense alkaline condition on the skin. There are dozens of applications for ALKALINE WASH but it is mainly used in the treatment of rosacea, acne, pigmentation, hair removal with amazing results

Learn more about DMK's ALKALINE WASH


DMK's signature skin revision treatment, world renowned for delivering amazing results. ENYZME THERAPY works at cell level to detoxify the skin, flushing away impurities and restoring the skin's own natural processes enabling it to function as normal healthy skin.

Learn more about DMK ENZYME THERAPY


Works on the same principles of the DMK ENZYME THERAPY Treatment but specifically designed for application to larger areas of the body. Your whole body will benefit from this treatment for psoriasis, spider veins, acne and much more. It is also used in the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.


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