The Causes and Treatment of Teenage Problem Skin


Keeping Teenage Skin Problems Under Control

Is bad skin making you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in the company of others? Most young people go through a phase of bad, spotty skin during their teen years but there is something that can be done it. DMK has an answer that ensures that you'll look your best during your precious high school years.

What Causes Problem Skin During the Teen Years?

At puberty, the body produces the hormones Testosterone and Dehydrotestosterone. Increased hormonal activity encourages the sebaceous glands (the oil glands of the skin) to increase the production of sebum. Sebum is an oily-like substance that is used to keep the hair and skin lubricated.

Infection occurs around the hair follicle because excess sebum and dead cell material accumulate to form a plug which blocks the follicle preventing the release of sebum.

The infection that results from the mixture of dead cell debris and sebum forms pus which starts to bulge near the surface of the skin to form a pus-filled pimple.

Blockages that occur sometimes leave the plug openly exposed to the air on the surface of the skin. This causes the plug to turn dark brown or black as a result of oxidation. This is called a blackhead.

Common Skin Problems Experienced By Teenagers

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Acne manifesting as Papules, Pustules, Nodules or Cysts
  • Acne Scars as a result of bad acne
  • Rashes or itchy skin caused by stress
  • Excessively oily skin
  • Enlarged, open pores

Teenage Stress-The No. 1 Cause of Skin Problems

Stress during the teen years is also a huge factor that contributes towards skin problems. The body

Teenage stress is usually the result of exams, problems at home, peer pressure, bullying or teasing at school etc

Teenage peer pressure is probably the worst stress of all because it occurs during the learning years and can set psychological patterns that may reappear later in life.

The manifestation of acne and problem skin creates even more stress because it undermines self-confidence at a critical point where there is likely to be a need to impress the opposite sex. Bad acne can cause severe acne scarring which can be damaging to self-esteem both during the teen years and well into the adult years as well.

Other Aggravating Factors That Can Cause Skin Problems in Teenagers:

  • The abuse of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs during this age are also major contributing factors towards bad skin
  • Eating junk foods
  • Too many chocolates, sweets, cakes or pastries
  • Not eating enough fruit and vegetables
  • Late nights studying or not getting enough sleep
  • Spending long periods of time in front of a computer e.g. during gaming
  • Squeezing pimples or blackheads can exacerbate skin problems

Skin problems are aggravated by squeezing pimples which is a common practice amongst many teenagers. The reason for this is that not all of the debris is released from the opening which causes further infection.


Squeezing actually forces some dead matter more deeply into the skin which causes bacteria to become trapped causing infection. The pressure of squeezing also causes a darkening or bruising of the skin due to being traumatized.

Using ordinary soap aggravates skin problems because it tends to clog the skin pores and destroy the skin's natural protective barrier called the acid mantle

How to Prevent Teenage Skin Problems

Problem teenage skin can be controlled by using the right products for daily cleansing and treatment of existing skin problems. A gentle, gel-based cleanser such as DMK ACU KLENZ should be used to cleanse the skin. Skin eruptions can be controlled by proper diet and dietary supplements such as DMK efa+

When it comes to diet, avoid foods that are highly acidic such as greasy chips, pies or burgers. As a teenager, what you eat is probably going to be hard to control, so at the very least, be sure to balance your meals out with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a dietary supplement such as DMK efa+

Treating Problem Teenage Skin

Most teenage skin problems can be treated by taking preventative measures as mentioned above and using DMK's range of excellent skincare products as recommended in the right hand column of this page.

For severe cases of acne and acne scarring, DMK have developed a range of unique, in-clinic treatments to eliminate the problem skin condition as quickly as possible ensuring that it does return.

ENZYME THERAPY treatments are designed to flush away dead cell matter and toxins from the skin while promoting the normal functioning of the skin and cell activity.

Learn more about DMK ENZYME THERAPY Treatment

HYDRADERMAZE is a highly specialized treatment program designed for severe acne conditions and congested skin.

Learn more about DMK HYDRADERMAZE Treatment

SCAR REVISION is an advanced program designed to remove deep acne scarring and the effect of rough, uneven, deep pitted skin

Learn more about DMK's treatment for scars

When it comes to treating acne, DMK are the experts. As an acne sufferer himself, Dr Danné Montague-King formulated the highly-effective, advanced DMK acne treatments that deliver excellent results, treating both the cause and the acne condition.

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Skin Care Products for Teenage Skin

DMK has a number of skincare products for keeping teenage skin under control. Controlling facial oiliness, using the proper skin cleansers, managing stress and attention to diet are key considerations for keeping problem skin at bay during the teen years.


DMK's KLEAR COLLECTION is an excellent range of acne products that is suitable for keeping teenage skin under control. Suitable for use on all skin types, the KLEAR range contains no harmful substances such as parabens or sulfates.


The DMK KLEAR Range of Products

  • ACU KLENZ is an exfoliating wash designed to break-down excess sebum
  • ACU KLEAR is a spot lotion used to treat acne affected areas
  • ACU MOIST is used lock-in the moisture of the skin to prevent drying out
  • ACU MIST is designed to restore the skin's acid mantle, the protective barrier of the skin
  • ACU THERM is a blemish gel used to treat painful pustules and prevent breakouts

For more information about this excellent range of acne products for home use, visit the DMK KLEAR COLLECTION page on this website.


More DMK Solutions for Problem Skin

DMK efa+


Getting the right nutrients is absolutely essential for clear, healthy skin. With so much exposure to junk foods, fizzy drinks, sweets and pastries, controlling one's diet during the teen years is especially difficult.

DMK's efa+ is an dietary supplement that ensures that you get the right nutrients to keep those skin problems at bay and preventing breakouts.

The special blend of ingredients used in DMK efa+ helps to control stress which is a prime causes of acne and other related skin disorders.


DMK ACU MASQUE is a versatile home maintenance masque designed to treat acne, congestion, blackheads, open pores and dull or oily skin.


ACU MASQUE is designed to absorb excess oil and toxins in the skin. It contains a blend of ingredients that encourage healing and tissue repair, reducing redness, inflammation and irritated skin conditions.

ACU MASQUE works for any skin type can be used by both men and women to address bacterial problems as well as reactive skin.

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